Print on Demand

Print on demand has been around for quite some time. Cafe Press was one of the first ones that I had heard of. With the advent of digital printing, it has made print on demand ubiquitous. There are so many companies now it can be hard to sort out the best products and companies that are at the forefront.

Over the years, in my spare time, I have dabbled with designing patterns and applying them to various made to order or on demand products. I buy my own pillows, yoga pants and shoes to verify quality and have been very happy with Zazzle and Art of Where. Recently, with COVID-19 in our midst, I have co-produced lots of masks with Art of Where, which I also have available on my newly created Etsy shop for print on demand items.

In a follow up blog post, I will discuss the growth of digital printing/P.O.D. categories for packaging design, which is exciting and has many benefits and opportunities.


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