Created an Art Deco Style Typeface

I love art deco styles. Last year, while walking around San Francisco, I took a couple photos of some great examples…

I attended an art deco exhibit several years ago, while in Toronto. I love that the style is so lovingly revered now. In a city that prides itself on building over history, it is also nice to know that my adopted city of Los Angeles has walking tours of restored beauties

Today, while working through a lettering project, I decided to turn the original hand drawn letters into a font. The design ended up becoming group of funky lowercase letters in the art deco style. This is a rough idea of letter forms. I still have yet to create the downloadable version with a few more letters and some ligatures. If you are interested in having a complimentary copy for personal use, please use the Contact Form with the subject “Interested in font for download” and I will keep you informed on the progress and when it will be available.

You can also follow my Pinterest Art Deco Board. to see some other great examples. And if you want to check out my handmade jewelry, one of my popular selling rings also has an Art Deco feel. I didn’t realize until now, how much this style has had an impact on me. When people ask me what period I would have liked to have lived in, I invariably reply the 1920s!


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