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Sustainable Branding on a Budget

When I first started making jewelry, I had zero budget for packaging, even if my heart desired something akin to Tiffany’s. As time grew and my following grew with it — with the blood, sweat and tears of building a brand from the ground up, I slowly began to hammer out a look for my packaging. It wasn’t the same …

Print on Demand

Print on demand has been around for quite some time. Cafe Press was one of the first ones that I had heard of. With the advent of digital printing, it has made print on demand ubiquitous. There are so many companies now it can be hard to sort out the best products and companies that are at the forefront. Over …

New Site Under Construction

Because my focus lately has been on freelance graphic design as well as product design including handmade and surface pattern design, I have decided to create a new website for Janice Art Creative, that will showcase my designs that are available for purchase. This will be an ongoing transition in the coming months. If you are interested in seeing my …

Created an Art Deco Style Typeface

I love art deco styles. Last year, while walking around San Francisco, I took a couple photos of some great examples… I attended an art deco exhibit several years ago, while in Toronto. I love that the style is so lovingly revered now. In a city that prides itself on building over history, it is also nice to know that …

Free Seamless Pattern for Download

I did a little experimenting with simple traditional painted backgrounds in analogous color. They were done very quickly, just as an exercise. After I created this one, it reminded me of roses, so today I took it into Photoshop and created a seamless background through the offset filter. I am offering this as a free download available for personal or …


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